AWSA Events at the 2016 Jalsa Salana USA

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.11.55 PMInsha’Allah, the annual AWSA meeting will be held at the 2016 Jalsa Salana USA during the evening break on Friday, July 29, in the Keystone C (Delaware Room).  The room can be found by going through the Main Hall and taking the stairs up to the second floor (see map).

AWSA will also have a booth in the North Hall.  Please stop by the AWSA booth for more information on becoming a member and compete in our Creative Problem Solving challenges.  To volunteer for the AWSA booth, please contact the AWSA President at

AWSA will hold the Abdus Salam Science Fair for Lajna and Nasirat during the lunch break on Saturday, July 30, in the Lajna Children’s Hall.  All Lajna and Nasirat are encouraged to participate and attend.  Please register in advance by clicking on this link.  Please read our Science Fair guidelines for more information.  


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