Report on AWSA activities at the 2016 Jalsa Salana USA


By the Grace of Allah, the Ahmadi Women Scientists Association held several events that were well attended at the 68th annual Jalsa Salana USA, held in Harrisburg, PA.  The AWSA booth featured three hands on activities in which participants had to solve a problem creatively and communicate effectively as a team.  Over one hundred Lajna and Nasirat stopped by the booth and participated in the activities.

By the Mercy of Allah, the annual AWSA meeting was held on Friday July 29, 2016 during the dinner break.  The meeting opened with recitation from the Holy Quran by Sadia Khulood Sahiba.  The annual report of activities was given by AWSA President Dr. Noveera Ahmed Sahiba and Dr. Nusrat Sharif Sahiba gave the report on the 2015 Quran and Science Symposium and Abdus Salam Science Fair.  Attendees then participated in small groups discussion on improving the Abdus Salam Science Fair.  The new rules, posted on the AWSA website were approved by majority vote.  The new judging rubric was introduced to the membership.  Twelve members attended the annual AWSA meeting.

By the Grace of Allah, AWSA held the Abdus Salam Science Fair on Saturday July 30, 2016.  There were 5 participants from among Lajna and Nasirat, and approximately 20 Lajna and Nasirat attended the event.  Participants were grouped by education level and winners received a medal and chocolate.  All participants received a certificate.  Groups A and B also received a book on the life history of Dr. Abdus Salam Sahib.

Group A (K-5th grade) winner

First placeSadaf Ahmad, daughter of Najma us Sehar, from the Baltimore jamaat for her presentation entitled “Volcanoes“.

Group B (6th-12th grade) winner

First placeYumna Ahmed, daughter of Amna Ahmed, from the Brooklyn/Staten Island jamaat for her presentation entitled “Windspeed and Evaporation“.

Group C (Undergraduate/Graduate/Post-doctorate) winners

First placeZainab Oriyomi Boone-Kukoyi from the Baltimore jamaat for her presentation entitled “Alternative Treatment of Gout Using Metal-Assisted and Microwave-Accelerated Decrystallization (MAMAD) Technique“.

Second placeSaman Nayyab from the Boston jamaat for her presentation entitled “Creating a Model of SOD1 Protein Aggregation in Drosophila melanogaster“.

Third placeSamrah Ahmed from the Chicago North West jamaat for her presentation entitled “Quran and Human Development“.


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