AWSA Report on activities held at the Jalsa Salana USA 2017

By the Grace of Allah, the Ahmadi Women Scientists Association held several events at the Jalsa Salana USA.  The theme for the AWSA booth this year was the Abdus Salam Science Fair.  The booth included information about how to conduct an experiment, how to make a poster for a science fair, and how to register for the science fair.  For those who could not attend, this information will be made available on the AWSA website (

On Saturday July 15th, during the lunch break, AWSA held a special election meeting to elect the officers for the next three years.  The meeting was presided by Sadr Lajna Imaillah USA, Saliha Malik Sahiba, and was attended by approximately 25 Lajna.  After final approval is received, the new officers will be announced on the AWSA website.

AWSA held the Abdus Salam Science Fair for Lajna and Nasirat on Saturday evening at the AWSA booth.  Posters were dropped off at the AWSA booth on Saturday morning and poster presentation, judgment and award presentation to the winners took place in the evening.  There was a total of 8 participants in the three groups.  Posters were judged based on Scientific Hypothesis, which includes the goal of the experimental design, the actual experiment itself, quality of results and data and the conclusions drawn from data and results and how they fit in with the hypothesis. Judgment of posters included quality of oral presentation.  Special emphasis was given for inclusion of Quranic relevance to the hypothesis and the goal of the experiment as well as to interpretation of results.

For level 1 (K-5th grades), first place was awarded to Innaya Virk from the Silver Springs MD majlis, second place was awarded to Shaifa Javaid from the Hartford CT majlis, and third place was awarded to Sadaf Ahmed.  For level 2 (6th-12th grades), first place was awarded to Sehar Amber Khan from the LA East majlis, second place was awarded to Aymen Haq from the Silver Springs MD majlis, and third place was awarded to Yumna Ahmed from the Brooklyn NY majlis.  There was a tie for first place for level 3 (undergraduate/graduate/post-doctorate) between Khadija Engelbrecht Fouad from the Charlotte NC majlis and Mahedah rehman, who resides in the UK but is currently a member of the Pittsburg PA majlis.

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