AWSA Report of Activities held at the 2018 Jalsa Salana USA

Annual Meeting

The Ahmadi Women Scientist Association organized two main activities at the Jalsa Salana USA, namely the AWSA General Meeting and AWSA Science Fair. The Ahmadi Women Scientist Association was held in the Childrens Jalsa Gah on Saturday, July 14th at 2:00pm. The meeting commenced with recitation of Holy Quran by Tayyaba Bhatti Sahiba (AWSA publication Secretary).  The main goals of AWSA were discussed at the meeting. These included organizing activites for AWSA members, outreach efforts to motivate young enthusiastic Lajna and Nasirat in their scientific pursuits and helping them in career development. The focus of scientific pursuits in accordance with teachings of Holy Quran was highlighted as an important goal in the AWSA efforts. To this end, members are encouraged to increase their knowledge of Holy Quran to comprehend their research interests. The next upcoming event which is the Holy Quran and Science Symposium to be held in November was discussed. The meeting was attended by 15-18 members.

AWSA Booth

There was also an interesting Science Experiment for Young Nasirat which involved Straberry DNA extraction and was organized by Khulood Sharif, an accomplished Science Teacher for High School Students. Nasirat were excited to participate in this hands on experiment in the AWSA booth.

Abdus Salam Science Fair

AWSA held the Abdus Salam Science Fair for Lajna and Nasirat on Saturday evening at the AWSA booth.   Dr. Noveera Sahiba, Vice President AWSA & Director for Science Fair organized this event at the Jalsa. Posters were dropped off at the AWSA booth on Saturday morning and poster presentation, judgment and award presentation to the winners took place in the evening.  There was a total of 5 participants in the three groups.  Posters were judged based on inclusion of wisdom from the Holy Qu’ran and application of the scientific method, which includes the goal, experimental design, quality of results and data and the conclusions drawn from data and results.  Judgment of posters included quality of oral presentation.

For level 1 (K-5th grades), first place was awarded to Innaya Virk from the Silver Springs MD majlis and second place was awarded to Sadaf Ahmed from the Silver Springs MD majlis. For level 2 (6th-12th grades), first place was awarded to Safiyyah Bennet from the Baltimore MD majlis and second place was awarded to Yumna Ahmed from the Brooklyn NY majlis. For level 3 (undergraduate/graduate/post-doctorate), first place was awarded to Maidah Khalid-Janney from the Philadelphia PA majlis.  May Allah reward all of their efforts.  Ameen.

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