To become a member of AWSA, every year you need to register and pay the annual membership fee.

To be eligible for membership, you need to be:

(1) A member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA

(2) Have an interest in science and technology. Think broadly of any discipline of scholarship that can utilize the scientific method to acquire new knowledge or answer relevant questions; includes STEM, economics, social sciences, innovative technologies, medicine, pharmaceuticals.

Click here for registration link

Click here for payment link (please select AWSA from the “Pick another chanda” dropdown menu on the payment website)

The membership fee rates are:

$25 for earning members

$10 for non-earning members and students

Please contact with any questions.


  • Your financial support and personal expertise will be utilized to support current initiatives, including the annual Quran and Science Symposium and events held at the annual Jalsa Salana.

  • Your membership fee will be used to encourage our young women to pursue a career in science through our Science Fairs and other educational initiatives.

  • Membership allows you to hold an office, both elected and appointed, as well as to vote for office holders.  You will be able to help shape the future of AWSA and inspire the next generation.

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